Service activity
We provide our own warranty and after-warranty service for all of the offered products. We also maintain and repair Wilpo devices used for measuring of ash content in coal (content of ash, sulphur and water, heating capacity…), Novi personal gravimetric dust counters, mobile methane indicators PiK, Servomex laboratory oxygen analysers and Krohne radiometric hydrometers. Besides, we provide service to support operation of measuring and regulatory systems at coal treatment plants, e.g. flotation process, we participate in repairs of electro-hydraulic winding equipment, speed checking equipment and winding machine signal signs and signalling systems used for operating winding machines. Recently, we also started to provide repairs and service for sensors and control systems of Hemscheidt mining self-advancing supports.

Working with sources of ionising radiation
ZAM-SERVIS has been authorised by the State Department for Nuclear Safety to work with the ionising radiation sources. The radionuclide sources in closed containers are generally part of devices used for a limit level measuring, devices used for density or ash content measuring, medical equipment or fire alarms. We are allowed to work with the radionuclides of cobalt, caesium, strontium and americium. First of all, we check safety of the sources (so-called abrasion test) and their activity, providing their storage and disposal.

Problems of our customers are also our problems
It is not possible to exclude pertinent troubles, disturbances, estrangements or damages of delivered equipment. But we can guarant you, that we will always search for solution of aroused problems. You can be sure, that we will find an acceptable solution for you.

We search for further activities
We are trying to make our assortment more wide. We are searching for some new equipments that we can produce or just sell. We are looking for foreign business partners, who will provide some orders for us, for example switch-board assembly or production of electrical and electronical arrangement.

From thermometer up to super technology
We offer you broad offer of products in a row branch. We can offer you especially our experiences with solving of problems in areas of output and processing of coal and stone, metallurgical, chemical and engineering industry. We are interested in extending of our offers in arrangement for grocery, air-conditioning, processing of wastes or building industries.


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