Automation of Belt Conveyors

This part is focused on the automation of belt conveyors for the transport of bulk materials and associated equipment for the processing of minerals. The following products represent a comprehensive automation solution from documentation to partial individual products for switching, sensing and material detection. The products are applicable mainly in heavy industry in the environment of quarries, sand pits, coal mines, quarries of other minerals, coaling of power plants and heating plants, etc.


Our range of measurement and control technology is different from the common standards used in the world. These sensors and switches do not require maintenance for their lifetime. Due to their properties, some products have been used for more than 50 years (SHR-2).

The latest technologies are used for the PLC, inverter and communication control system, which ensure the processing of information from sensors and precise regulation of the conveyor operation. In general, in our applications we use the most economically advantageous elements with a long service life in difficult conditions.


The equipment of individual conveyors is based on the safety and machine requirements of the industry standard (ČSN) EN 620 + A1 and other related ones.

Basic equipment of conveyors:


1) The emergency stop will be performed by means of cable switches along the entire length of the conveyor on one side and suitably placed stop buttons (EN 12100, EN 620 + A1)

2) Start signal (EN 620 + A1), sound and light along the conveyor

3) Rotation monitoring on the discharge side of the conveyor (EN 620 + A1)

4) Rotation monitoring on the hopper side (EN 620 + A1)

5) Collapse monitoring on the discharge side of the conveyor (EN 620 + A1)

6) Conveyor belt deflection monitoring (EN 620 + A1)

7) Conveyor belt tear monitoring (EN 620 + A1)

8) Measurement of drive station temperatures

9) Measurement of discharge head temperatures

10) Measurement of return station temperatures

11) Measurement of gearbox temperatures

12) Operating value sensors (brake release, tension weight positions, truck rope tension force, etc.) (EN 620 + A1)

13) Automation unit RDP 444 (EN 60204-1) equipped with PLC and soft starter

Technological equipment of conveyors


1) Detection of metal objects

2) Camera system

3) Belt weigher

All conveyors will be interconnected by an optical communication cable to the control computer located in the control room.

Automatic start-up will be performed by the operator in the control room via visualization software. Launching will be possible only by authorized persons. Ensuring security will be provided by a password and / or electronic key.

Visualization of the status of operating values will also be accessible on the internal communication network via screens in RDP automation units and on service PCs.