Company info

About company in short
We are a private independent company. We are specialized in service, production and supplying of electrical, electronical, security, measuring, adjustment and analysing equipments. We are located in Ostrava-Přívoz, where you can examine and test most of our products. We are represented in Poland and Slovakia and we have a lot of local sellers.

General informations about us
The company was established in 1994. The number of our employees and also the volume of turn-over is rising from year to year. See it on graphs.

The company structure
The structure of company is divided into two main divisions - production and service. The most of employees works just in these divisions. The other important activities of our company are engineering and consultancy. These two activities are provided by employees of business and developement department. A lot of activities, such as projection, machine production or transport are provided by our suppliers.

Guarantee of quality
Nowadays, more than every day before, the quality is the most important factor. And it does not mean only faultless products, but also many other things. When a potential customer will ask us for a help with a choice of equipment, he can be sure, that our employees will give him a full time to and a professional advice. And then we can supply him this equipment in a agreed date, conditions etc. We can give a gurantee of quality to our customers by a certificate ISO 9001. We have this ceritificate from 1999.

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