ZAM - SERVIS s.r.o.


Křišťanova 1116/14 702 00 Ostrava-Přívoz


+420 556 685 111


+420 556 685 425


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Our stock is opened from 6 am to 1:30 pm. during working days.


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60 775 866




ČSOB Ostrava 373802153 / 0300   CZK account

ČSOB Ostrava 373802313 / 0300    EURO account

The company is registered in business register, Krajský soud v Ostravě: oddíl C, vložka 6878

GPS: 49°51'37.4"N; 18°16'19.56"E
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Other contacts

Personal email addresses are not official correspondence with the company ZAM - SERVIS s.r.o

  role / field ext. #.  
Products for explosive environments
  Manager of Foreign Trade
Products for explosive environments
  Automation of technological processes
Safety switches for belt conveying and indication
Metal detectors and separators
Detectors for belt conveying
Product characteristics measuring during production
Access and attendance systems
  Testo products, portable measuring systems 215  
  Gas detectors for industry and household 213  
  Service department 218  
  Radionuclids service 222  

Should you submit any documents in an electronic form, please, use one of the following formats:

Type Version File Name Extension Note
OpenOffice   odt, ods, odp, odg  
Word 2000 doc  
Excel 2000 xls  
PowerPoint 2000 pps  
AdobeAcrobat 5 pdf For further processing
AdobeAcrobat >5 pdf For viewing only
Corel Draw 8 cdr  
Corel PhotoPaint 8 cpt  
Autocad LT 2000 dwg,dxf  
SolidEdge 16 asm,dft,par,shp,...  
Formica 4.3 sch,brd  
Bitmapová grafika ---- jpg, gif, png, bmp, tif  
Vektorová grafika   wmf, emf Without guarantee
7zip   zip, 7zip File archiver

We are able to submit our documents only in the above-mentioned formats, i.e. in the formats, in which the documents have been originally created. An additional export procedure to dxf is possible only for CorelDraw, however, a 100% success of conversion cannot be guaranteed.