Products for the Ex Environment in the Underground and Chemistry


Výrobky do prostředí Ex


Měření hladin

Level measuring

Osvětlení do průmyslu



Systémy detekce plynů


Analyzátory plynů

Switching &

Detektory plynů



Identifikace pozic pracovníků


Přístupové systémy

Special systems

Docházkové systémy

Discounted Ex


The equipment intended for installation and operations in the environment with the risk of gas and dust explosion, usually in underground coal mines are presented here. The main features of these products are the ability to work safely in the environment where there is a risk of methane explosion, their robustness and working reliability. All products have the certificate from the authorized test laboratory Nr. 210 in Ostrava Radvanice according to the European Directive Nr. 94/9/EC-ATEX.

We are able to adapt the current products or to develop completely new equipments according to your requirements. We have our own construction department equipped with special measuring technology (EMC etc.), whose staff are able to build electric and electronic equipment for the environments where there is a risk of dust or gas explosion in the field of heavy-current or light-current switching technology, long-distance communication, detection and analysis of gases, detectors and special devices.