Tracking system ISI-P

ISI-P is a system for wireless RFID location of people in hazardous production areas from our company, in which we have extensive experience with RFID location systems.

It works by detecting the strength of the radio signal (RSSI) signal of an employee's tag using reading points located in the workplace.


Přehled ISI-P


Advantages of the ISI-P system

Easy infrastructure installation

Long life of the internal battery of the identification tag

Easy extensibility of already installed system infrastructure

Automatic on-line remote monitoring of system operation

Industrial design for demanding environments

Possibility to view the history of movement of people backwards, eg due to an accident


Description of the system function

ISI-P is a system for wireless RFID location of people in hazardous production areas. This zone localization system is based on the principle of measuring and comparing radio signal strength (RSSI). After deploying the GW (GATEWAY) read points, these points will receive and read the signal strength of the individual identification tags that employees have installed on their belts. Based on the detection of individual signals of worker identification tags read by reading points, the zone where the identification tag is located is determined.

This system offers many functions, such as real-time display of employee positions in the online interface, the possibility of transmitting basic data (telemetry, etc.), the possibility of transmitting an alarm (eg when a person falls to the floor, etc.), high availability requirement, the possibility of future communication with devices such as portable measuring instruments for measuring gas concentration.

The system operates at a frequency of 868 MHz, so for the system to function properly, the end customer must not operate other systems in this band in order to avoid interference. It is not possible to determine the exact boundary between the zones, because this is a comparison of signal levels. The signal may also be affected by other radio waves, physical shading of the transmission tag or reading point, etc.



Catalog list

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Parts of which ISI-P consists

Identification and localization tag


Durable design, power supply by primary cell 3.6V, battery life min. 1.5 years, integrated LED alarm and audible alarm, accelerometer.



Industrial GATEWAY system operating on the 868 MHz frequency - specifications and advantages: industrial design, communication and power supply via RS485 industrial bus.

Data concentrator

Koncentrátor dat

Specifications and advantages: RS485 conversion - fast Ethernet via optical cable, infrastructure power supply.



-CIS Server, SQL Database (Postgres), ISI module

-CIS Client (Basic visualization, diagnostics and system administration)

-interface to MQTT