SPH-01 fuelling station both for mines and surface

SPH-01 Fuelling station both for mines and surface

automatic device usable also for underground coal mines

ATEX certification

connectable to the DPS11 system



Advantages of the fuelling station:

Economic fuel saving

Precision records of the fuelling into working machines, e.g. locomotives

Engine adjustment troubleshooting thanks to purposeful consumption records

Operator-friendly operation

Automatic records of fuelling operators

The fuelling can be carried out also manually without pressure air

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New product SC-UAN-01

SC-UAN-01 anemometer both for mines and surface

Connectable also to the DPS-11 system
ATEX certification



Advantages of the anemometer:

Automatic device

High precision of measurement

Long-term reliability and durability

Variable connectivity of the device

Possibility to archive and view measured data in SCADA SW

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Level measuring MBA - new group

Among the products is a newly established group level measurement with the products of MBA Instruments GmbH. In the group you will find Czech instruction manual to vane-type sensors MBA200 and original catalog in English.

New products february 2013

Testo 176Following products were added to our assortment: 
Optics - POK-01 K and POK-01 S.
Mine atmosphere monitoring - DAN-01, MARA-02 and PSBI-01.
Automation, measuring and regulation elements - KPV-02.
Switching, controlling, connecting and indication - OSK-01.